My name is Krista Gay, I’m a law student in New York City, a lover of people, a member of a large family, a thrift store enthusiast, a pursuer of justice, a world traveler, a sexual assault advocate, a follower of Christ, and an ENFJ.

Faith can be messy. Although my faith is a core part of my life, I’ve nearly walked away twice. I’ve battled deep depression; struggle with grief, constantly wonder how I can reconcile my faith and love with worldly politics; and struggle to balance my more progressive political beliefs with my conservative upbringing. So this blog is a mix of that. Of my thoughts. My brutally honest experiences with struggling to understand what I believe and how to live out those beliefs. Most of all, I hope you can be encouraged as you read my messy thought processes. But most importantly, be encouraged to know that you are loved, you are not alone, and your questions are totally valid.

Always feel free to contact me with prayer requests, ideas for blog posts, or advice. You’re worthy of my time. You’re loveable. You have a purpose. 💕

Connect with me on social media: 
Instagram: kristaann_vt

Facebook: Facebook.com/krista.gay.5


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