Upcoming Blog Posts: Share Your Thoughts

Hey y’all!

Happy Girl Scout Cookie Month! Happy tax return month! Happy still-not-yo-birthday month to all you Feb 29th birthday peeps (it’ll happen in two years, I promise)! And just Happy everything!

I’m doing 2 exciting (well…I think they’re exciting!) blog posts centered on Christian women being their authentic selves and processing through their beliefs, and I’d love your help!

And I’d love for you to share your story!

The first will be about “The Purity Movement.”

The second will be about your perceptions and convictions of women working (which I’m over the moon excited about, because this was on of my thesis in college!)

So, if you’re an adult woman (18+) and would like to share your story anonymously about your experience in either of these areas, please reach out to me for details!

It’s so important that we, as Christian women, share our story about how we came to believe what we believe! What were you taught? What do you believe now? What was your processing like in between? And what are you still struggling to understand?

Here’s a quick video with me talking about this project.



Remember that you are so lovable. You’re known, loved, and desired by the Creator of the universe. And your worth is not dependent on anything you’ve done or haven’t done.



PS) if you need someone to help you share the carbs from your impulsive Girl Scout cookie order, I volunteer as tribute 🙋🏼


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Blog Posts: Share Your Thoughts

  1. Hi Krista,
    I would love to contribute and share my story and some of my journey with you. I’m guessing that you can contact me via the email address I’ve commented with. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
    Cheers, Ency


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