Submit Your Questions / Comments Regarding the “Growing Up Conservative” Blog Post

Hi friends,

I’ve been receiving messages on various platforms regarding the “Growing Up Conservative” blog post.

An important part of learning and respecting each other is being able to have open and honest conversations. A conversation can’t happen if we don’t share our own experiences and opinions.

My friends and I tried to make it clear in the blog post that the opinions we expressed were our own based off of our experiences. But, you have your opinions from your experiences, too. Those are valid. We can’t grow unless we’re willing to honestly listen and learn from one another. Perhaps we have misconceptions that you noticed. Perhaps we weren’t clear in an explanation. Perhaps one of our answers left you asking “why?” rather than “Oh, I can understand that.”


All of that being said, I’ve opened a Google poll for anyone to submit anonymous follow-up questions or points you would like us to consider and respond to. Yes, this is an open poll. If you disagree with us about something and simply tell us that we’re “stupid” or “wrong,” the internet trolls won’t come after you. But, what learning or growth will occur? None. So please. Ask us questions. Make us think. Let’s grow together. Especially to all of my woman readers: the world is already against us and putting us against each other; let’s actually try to learn from one another. Ladies, y’all are so fierce, so brave, so smart, so talented. We have so much to learn from you and your experiences. And we’re willing to listen and consider*.

The Authors

PS) Due to Krista’s job, questions of a political nature won’t be able to be responded to on the blog.

*We actually mean this. We won’t write you off because we have “different” views than you. So if you have any articles/blog posts that relate to anything you’d like to say, please also send that along.


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