Why Would You Live Like That?

I consider myself a feminist. To me, that means trusting women to make their own choices and believing that women should have equal opportunities as men. That’s it, plain and simple.

I grew up in a Conservative Christian community. Although I went to public school and was raised by my grandparents (definitely not the “conservative” norm) I was still raised in a Conservative church with Conservative values.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve changed, just like we all do. During my four years at an inter-denominational Christian college, I was forced to figure out what I believe and why. During this time I went through this strange process where I politically became more moderate (some would even say liberal…but I would never call myself that) but became more Conservative in my beliefs about how I live my own life, and once again, got involved in a Conservative Christian community. Why would I, an educated woman, do this? Why would I choose a more conservative lifestyle? Those are questions I honestly, truly, wish people would ask. What was it like growing up during the purity movement? What were your actual rules? Again, questions I would like people to ask. Many think Conservative children grow up similar to Amish children, which simply is not true.

So, I want to welcome you to ask questions. I’ve realized through recent interactions on my Instagram, and messages that I’ve received, that people (especially other women) have many misconceptions about what it’s like to grow up Conservative and why women would choose this. I’ve rounded up some friends who also grew up Conservative and chose to remain in this community, and we really hope to dispel many of the myths we’ve heard that simply are not true. I’ve created a google poll for people to anonymously submit questions. Next week we’ll review them, and post a blog answering your questions. We can only answer questions about ourselves and our own experiences, but we really hope to use this to break down myths that Conservative women are “suppressed” or “X” or “Y” by sharing our stories.

Ask your questions here: https://goo.gl/forms/Fvk9WH5mJbKtnDbQ2


One thought on “Why Would You Live Like That?

  1. As a secular person, I think many wonder why I lean more socially conservative, like valuing the traditional family and marriage, or not like political correctness and the radical feminist “Nasty Woman” movement or promiscuity. Like you, I agree women should be equal in dignity as human beings with men, and be able to have the autonomy to choose what they want in their life. To me, I feel one does not necessarily need a god to realize the detriments of our society’s hook up culture, the over the top radical feminist movement, political correctness, the devaluing of the family, marriage and fathers and so on. A lot of conservatives like me are of faith, but I find common ground in their opinions and mine on a lot of subjects involving society. Even though I have no religious reasons, I wish more women embraced their femininity and acted and dressed more feminine, like the ladies of past eras because society tells women today they need to copy what men do in order to be worth something in modern society. I think women should fight back and embrace their womanhood, rather than feel pressured by the feminist movement to copy whatever men do. Conversely, a lot of my fellow secular people are far more liberal and embrace this social anarchy as they feel it is all arbitrary. I disagree though, as I feel there are plenty of non-religious reasons to adopt a more conservative lifestyle and opinions. I blog about the issue on my blog, A Lady of Reason


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