Lord, Make Me Uncomfortable



I’ve really been struggling lately with my desire to be comfortable materialistically, and reconciling this with how I believe Jesus calls me as a Christian to use my wealth. Especially as the election approaches with a billionaire and a socialist as the front runners, and posts by their supporters clogging my newsfeed, I cannot help but think about how I should handle my wealth. Should I be okay being forced to pay for social welfare programs that feed the hungry and care for orphans (Biblical commands)? Or, is it wrong of the government to demand portions  of income go to taking care of individuals that could potentially be use the funds irresponsibly? I’m being asked a lot of tough questions, and having to wrestle what I’ve always been taught against what I am coming to believe.

Instead of getting political about this, I want to share with you what I have been praying today:

You love all people. You demand that I care for the less fortunate, the hungry, the orphan, the widow, the refugee. Give me wisdom. Remove my pride and selfish ambitions. Help me to desire to invest in things of eternal value, and not in things that will disappear in a few years.
I know that loving others is uncomfortable. You set the ultimate example: you were forced to live in this sinful broken world far from the ones you created, to give all to those you loved, including being tortured in ways I cannot begin to imagine, to give me and others the choice to have a relationship with you. Even though I continue to sin, knowingly, daily, you still want me. You still provide. You continue to give even when I do not use the resources you give me well.
Father, give me someone to love. Make me uncomfortable. Help me to know what it is like to give without wanting anything back, to recognize my own selfishness. May I use all of the resources you have given me: my intellect, my car, my house, my money, my time, to bless them. To show them your unconditional love. Because these things are not mine, they were given to me by you. One event could take many of these things from me, so help me not to hold them tightly. I give these things to You. Use them, through me, to bring about eternal significance.
Help me to trust you. Giving away “my right” to do as I please is terrifying, and beautiful.

If you are interested in learning more about how we, as the wealthiest generation of Christians ever, can reconcile our extreme wealth with the needs of those around us, check out:
“Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger” by Ron Sider
“Generous Justice” by Time Keller
“For the Least of These” by Anne Bradley & Art Lindsley
“Tight Fists or Open Hands?” By David Baker

Also, I post news articles and blogs about the topic of wealth and Christianity quite frequently on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/krista.gay.5


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