Pushing Through the Concrete: Name Meaning


Life is really tough sometimes. For everyone. It can be discouraging. We can often feel like we’re a small sapling trying to grow up through the cracks on the busiest city sidewalk. It’s brave to look at the sun and keep growing. It’s terrifying. It’s worth it.

Everyone’s concrete looks different. Maybe you’re the first Christian in your family, maybe you’re trying to break family patterns, maybe you’re overcoming an addiction or escaping an abusive relationship. Or, maybe you’ve had an amazing life, but you’re still struggling with loneliness or feel discouraged that your life isn’t moving in the direction you want.

The purpose of my blog posts is to encourage readers. I want to talk about the difficult things we as people, women and Christians face; the things that can be uncomfortable to talk about. I want to provide hope. Hope to keep growing, even when surrounded by concrete.

If you have any topics you’d like me to address, always feel free to contact me.

Remember: You are worthy of being LOVED, you have VALUE, you are WORTH IT!

xoxo Krista xoxo


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